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moving on

divorce with dignity is possible

About Richardson and Ringe

Ending a marriage is never easy.   Our team understands the challenges and pressure that come with every case and are here for you every step of the way by providing advice, information, and support to guide you through what is likely the most difficult time in your life. Securing your financial and emotional well-being is our ultimate goal. 


Tara K. Richardson 


In practice since 1998, Tara’s focused exclusively on Collaborative Law and Mediation.  Read more.


Maya Trujillo Ringe


A skilled negotiator and litigator, Maya has argued a wide range of family law disputes.  Read more.

“I have known Ms. Richardson for years and have become well acquainted with her practice. She is an excellent advocate, compassionate with her clients, and universally well-regarded within the legal community. As a fellow family law attorney, I would not hesitate to confidently refer matters to Ms. Richardson.”

Damon Canfield, Family Law attorney

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Richardson and Ringe, PLLC


192 Nickerson Street, Suite 301 Seattle, Wa 98109


206 701 9200

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