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A wide spectrum, one overall aim

No two divorces are same.   In some cases, divorce can be an easily agreed upon division of debts and assets or the development of a parenting plan with minimal attorney involvement.   In others, it can require a high-level of attorney support with numerous experts and ongoing Court involvement culminating in a trial. Regardless of where your divorce falls on this spectrum, we are here to support you through every step of the process. 


While the goal should always be to avoid Court, especially if children are involved, sometimes it is unavoidable.  We work as a team with the client, discussing the cost-benefit analysis of various options, when and if an expert is needed, and how to mitigate harm to the children. This may mean hiring a financial expert to trace separate property (or rebut a claim of separate property), a parenting expert, and/or a real estate appraiser.   In this way, we provide all the information to the Court necessary to support the client's proposed outcome. 


Behind the scenes, the client always has not just an attorney, but a legal team including a paralegal and a legal assistant, ensuring that someone is always there for you.


When litigation is not necessary or desired, the Collaborative divorce process is a unique approach that seeks to minimize the personal and financial toll divorce often takes.  In this process, the parties work together with the support of a team of professionals to craft solutions that consider everyone's goals and needs as fully as possible.


This team not only includes Collaboratively trained attorneys but also a financial neutral who assists in gathering financial information, a parenting coach who helps implement a developmentally appropriate parenting plan, and a divorce coach who helps navigate the turbulent emotions inherent in the divorce process. The parties go at their own pace and have the option of exploring creative solutions not always possible within a traditional divorce.  


While a Collaborative Divorce does not necessarily mean a conflict-free divorce, the conflict is addressed and managed by the entire team thereby mitigating the harm that conflict can cause, enabling everyone to move forward productively. 


Although not as structured as the Collaborative divorce, Collaborative mediation is a similar approach. It's often said in traditional mediation "a good agreement is one where no one is happy." In Collaborative mediation, the opposite is true in that a good agreement is one where both parties are as happy as possible with the outcome. As with Collaborative divorce, the parties' "goals and interests" rather than "rights and responsibilities" are put in the forefront.


The Collaborative process is also well suited to the development of pre-and-post nuptial agreements. When you are getting married, who wants to think about divorce? The Collaborative process allows you and your spouse-to-be to openly and transparently discuss and develop the terms of such an
agreement together.

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